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Meeting List 2015-2016

Meeting Calender
Meeting Date Meeting Date SortingTopic Meeting Topic SortingLocationAction
2nd May 2018Talk On Mukadarka Sikandar By Amit Jadhav Dist Director MembershipSawarkar SadanView Details
21st April 2018Family Night Rcp Talent ShowSawarkar SadanView Details
4th April 2018D G VisitRotarary Community CentreView Details
21st March 2018AG VisitSawarkar SadanView Details
13th March 2018Pune MetroRotarary Community CentreView Details
3rd March 2018Monthly Bod MeetingSawarkar SadanView Details
21st February 2018Journey Of Tranformational Change By Vipasana Lecture By President Vilas And Annet Mohit GawadeSawarkar SadanView Details
17th February 2018Bod Monthly Meeting.Sawarkar SadanView Details
7th February 2018Club Assembly BOD For 2018 2019 To Be Declared General Discussion On Last Six Month Review Rotary Information GivenSawarkar SadanView Details
19th January 2018Box Cricket Tournament In ClubSawarkar SadanView Details
3rd January 2018Lecture On MInd GYM By DR. Rajeev NagarkarSawarkar SadanView Details
30th December 2017Christmas Family Nighthotel Citrus ChinchwadView Details
13th December 2017Monthly Weekly MeetingSawarkar SadanView Details
2nd December 2017Monthly BOD MeetingSawarkar SadanView Details
29th November 2017Coffe With Rtn Kiran PawarSawarkar SadanView Details
15th November 2017Cofee With Rtn Rapheal JoseSawarkar SadanView Details
11th November 2017BOD MEETING FOR REVIEWSawarkar SadanView Details
11th October 2017Induction Of Two New Members Quarterly ReviewSawarkar SadanView Details
7th October 2017Monthly Bod MeetingSawarkar SadanView Details
4th October 2017Turst MeetingSawarkar SadanView Details
20th September 2017Coffee With Rotarian Shitish SebastianSawarkar SadanView Details
9th September 2017Cardiac Care And Heart TransplantRotary Community Centre ChinchwadView Details
2nd September 2017Monthly Review , Budget PlanningSawarkar SadanView Details
27th August 2017Felicitation Of Mehul Vyas And Ganesh Artivilas Gawade residenceView Details
17th August 2017Manglagauri NightSawarkar SadanView Details
9th August 2017Interview With The Iron ManSawarkar SadanView Details
5th August 2017BOD Meeting 2ndSawarkar SadanView Details
1st August 2017Smart CityPoona ClubView Details
30th July 2017BOD Installation 2017-18Blue Water Restaurant, RavetView Details